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CNBC Stock Draft:

Alicia's Angels Round 1 Pick: Gold COMEX

Alicia's Angels Round 2 Pick: MET

Here's the full 2017 CNBC Stock Draft with picks from Kevin O'Leary

2017 CNBC Stock Draft

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News: Forbes - Can These Recent College Grads Become the Next Millionaire Inventors and Ease the Water Crisis?

         Mowa, of Everwaters, Accepts $20,000 Offer
         Philadelphia Business Journal - $200K seed investment, mentor help propel Penn alum's water filtration device

         Wharton Magazine - Penn Grads Meet a Wharton “Angel” on “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor”

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Nomad's innovative journey 

Whole Life's pet mission 

MSNBC - Your Business with JJ Ramberg
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        Plum Print


        Rawsome Treats 

        Jess, Meet Ken 


        Little Loving Hands


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