Pantegrion® is an investment vehicle focused on seed and early stage investments. The company seeks the following criteria in its investments: NY area companies across industries with a live product/service with 2-4 team members involved and a $1+ billion market opportunity with revenue potential of $100+ million in 5 years. It seeks a current company valuation in the ~$1 - 5 million range. Typical investments range from $10k - $50k per company. Pantegrion acts as a "reserve force" investor ​​(i.e. available with guidance when needed but not control focused).

​Pantegrion was founded by the former first employee, CAO and Managing Director of a multi-billion dollar private equity firm. It is this entrepreneurial experience along with over 10 years of experience in the financial industry that inspired the creation of Pantegrion and its subsequent funding and mentorship of start-up businesses.  The name Pantegrion is a combination of the words "passion" and "integrity" which the Founder believes are the most important traits in any entrepreneur and also determine the ultimate success of any business.   

Select investments include Nomad, Aunt Flow, MightyWell, Hatch, VisuWall and Enerknol. Pantegrion also makes investments in funds including vehicles focused on women, cannabis and early stage companies. Advisory and consulting services are also offered in select circumstances. 


passion + integrity

Pantegrion Capital LLC