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CNBC Stock Draft:

Alicia's Angels Round 1 Pick: Gold COMEX

Alicia's Angels Round 2 Pick: MET

Here's the full 2017 CNBC Stock Draft with picks from Kevin O'Leary

2017 CNBC Stock Draft

CNBC Make Me a Millionaire Inventor:

Full Episode: Season 2, Episode 204: Millenial Markets

Trailer: This Potential Investor is Trying to Track Down a Missing Mountain of Money

News: Val Mobile Livestream Studio Fails to Get A Deal 

Full Episode: Season 2, Episode 206: Echoing Green

Trailer: Eco-hacking the Planet

News: Forbes - Can These Recent College Grads Become the Next Millionaire Inventors and Ease the Water Crisis?

         Mowa, of Everwaters, Accepts $20,000 Offer
         Philadelphia Business Journal - $200K seed investment, mentor help propel Penn alum's water filtration device

         Wharton Magazine - Penn Grads Meet a Wharton “Angel” on “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor”

         Inc. - What Actually Happened After One Business Got Funded on Reality TV

CNBC - Cash Crowd:

Nomad's innovative journey 

Whole Life's pet mission 

MSNBC - Your Business:
    Elevator Pitches:

        Shea Yeleen

        Cuchina Safe Lids


        Plum Print


        Rawsome Treats 

        Jess, Meet Ken 

​        Little Loving Hands


        American Made Supply Co.

    Ask the Expert:

        Challenges foreign businesses need to overcome to gain interest from U.S. investors
        How to build relationships with investors in your business
        Connecting with Customers in a Virtual World 
        Finding the best manufacturer
        How do I pitch bankers for a business loan?
        Key metrics that VC’s look for in the funding process

    Top Tips:
        Skip the buzzwords
        Do your "people diligence" before pitching
        Every meeting is an opportunity
        Take the First Step
        Don't Depend on Outside Capital 
        Tone Down the Hype 
        Not All Pitches Are the Same 
        Mind Your Online Profile
        Test the Candidate Fit Before Hiring

    Business Answers:
        Making a Name for Yourself & Testing Products Online
        How to Scale Your Business & Ending a Partnership
        Interacting With Your Products Online & Keeping Employees Engaged
        Your Best Option For Funding & Advice for Consultants
        Developing Company Culture​​

PBS - Nightly Business Report:

        Cannabis segment

TD Ameritrade Network:

        The Watch List

Fox Business - Risk & Reward: 

    Elevator Pitches:
        Student loan advice and budgeting service

        Would you invest in Brooklinen?

A start-up putting you in charge  
Dude, park my car
A start-up sticking it to the selfie stick  
Harvard alum's start-up's shorts 'not dad's jock strap'
Trading a career in finance for a cookie  
When life gives you lemons, this founder says spike your lemonade
A start-up founder hugging out healthcare  
Start-up creates over-the-counter fertility pill
Start-up finds cash for online shoppers  
An intelligent tennis racket has arrived
Smart guitar strikes a new chord  
Tank to table: Start-up bets on fish poop to grow dinner
Start-up blazing a new trail for on-demand pot
Start-up lets amateur investors follow pro traders
Play with your pet remotely  
An invite-only black card for millennials
A start-up delivering wine by the glass  
Start-up says never buy another toothbrush again
Start-up milks a camel for all it's worth  
A start-up crowdsourcing the weather
A start-up folding kayaks into compact cases  

Start-up proposes a 'secret' box for your engagement ring

A device that tells you if your work out is working

Start-up unleashes bikers to pick up your prescription needs

Crowdfund your next burger

No pink slime in this start-up's chicken nuggets

An electric bike you can fold in a second

Start-up wants to freeze your body at minus 260 degrees

High-end beef jerky born from one woman's pregnancy cravings

This app tells you when Trump tweets about your stocks and "triggers" trades for you

Start-up says it's offering beauty in a bottle

Parents can set speed limits via smartphone on this high-tech go-kart

Shoe start-up designs 'Legos for ladies'

Sportswear start-up 13-One wants to suit you up in material used by NASA

Pantegrion Capital LLC