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Pantegrion Capital LLC


For companies seeking funding, please submit a pitch deck to

Requests for speaking roles (e.g. keynote, moderator/emcee, panels), media (e.g. TV, podcasts, articles), and advisory roles (e.g. Boards, consulting, mentoring) may also be sent to the above address.

Speaking topics include the following (in addition to related subjects for specific event needs):

- Fundraising: do's and don'ts, red flags, timing

- Pitching/Pitch Decks: what investors look for when diligencing startups

- Advisory Boards: structuring, incentivizing, and obtaining maximum value

- Media Coverage: targeting shows/journalists, behind the scenes insights

- Working with Investors: building relationships, sending updates, managing board meetings

- Angel Investing: building a portfolio, best practices, diligencing startups

- Promoting Equality: trends, challenges, recommended actions

Due to the number of inquiries received, responses will be sent only when a potential fit exists. 

Thank you.